Please take note of changes to our usual times this month due to rugby games

1st: Trad Session from 5pm

2nd: Tai Forester from 8.30pm

3rd: Dan Browne from 8.30pm

4th: John Healy from 8.30pm

5th: Hair of the Dog from 9pm

6th: Je Marco from 9pm

7th: Hair of the Dog from 9pm

8th: Trad Session from 5pm

9th: Dave Arnold from 8.30pm

10th: Dan Browne from 8.30pm

11th: John Healy from 8.30pm

12th: Danny Atkinson from 8.30pm

13th: Hair of the Dog from 9pm

14th: Charlie Gibson from 9pm

15th: Trad Session from 5pm

16th: Tair Forester from 8.30pm

17th: Dan Browne from 8.30pm

18th: John Healy from 8.30pm

19th: Dan Browne from 8.30pm

20th: Charlie Gibson from 9pm

21st: Hair of the Dog from 6.30pm

22nd: Trad Session from 4.30pm

23rd: No Live Music

24th: Dan Browne from 8.30pm

25th: No Music

26th: Danny Atkinson from 8.30pm

27th: Hair of the Dog from 9pm

28th: Calico from 9pm

29th: Trad Session from 5.30pm

30th: No Music



1st. Dan Browne live from 8.30pm

2nd. John Healy live from 8pm

3rd. Dan Browne live from 8pm

4th. Charlie Gibson live from 9pm

5th. No Music

6th. No Music

7th. No Music

8th. Dan Browne live from 8.30pm

9th. John Healy live from 8pm

10th. Danny Atkinson live from 9pm

11th.  Dan Browne live from 8pm

12th.  No Music

13th. Trad Session from 5pm

14th. No Music

15th. No Music

16th. John Healy live from 8.30pm

17th. Dan Browne live from 8.30pm

18th. Charlie Gibson live from 9pm

19th. No Music

20th. Trad Session from 5pm

21st. No Music

22nd. No Music

23rd. John Healy live from 8.30pm

24th. Danny Atkinson live from 8.30pm

25th. Hair of the Dog live from 9pm

26th. Je Marco live from 6pm

27th. Hair of the Dog live from 6.30pm

28th. No Music

29th. No Music

30th. John Healy live from 8.30pm

31st. Dan Browne live from 8.30pm


If you have any sporting events you'd like to see then just pop in and ask or give us a call on 03 442 5382. We will always either show it live or record it for you to watch at a time that suits you! 

6th October NRL Grand Final 21.30

All games will be shown live with the games in bold being shown on the big screen with full sound

Sep 20                       Japan v Russia                                22:45

Sep 21                       Australia v Fiji                                16.45

                                    France v Argentina                        19.15

                                    All Blacks v South Africa             21.45

Sep 22                       Italy v Namibia                                17.15

                                    Ireland v Scotland                         19.45

                                    England v Tonga                             22.15

Sep 23                       Wales v Georgia                            22.15

Sep24                        Russia v Samoa                               22.15

Sep 25                       Fiji v Uruguay                                  17.15

Sep 26                       Italy v Canada                                 19.45

                                    England v USA                                22.45

Sep 28                       Argentina v Tonga                          16.45

                                    Japan v Ireland                               19.15

                                    South Africa v Namibia                 21.45

Sep 29                       Georgia v Uruguay                         18.15

                                    Australia v Wales                          20.45

Sep 30                       Scotland v Samoa                          23.15

Oct 02                       France v USA                                   20.45

                                    All Blacks v Canada                       23.15

Oct 03                       Georgia v Fiji                                    18.15

                                    Ireland v Russia                             23.15

Oct 04                       South Africa v Italy                         22.45

Oct 05                        Australia v Uruguay                      18.15

                                    England v Argentina                     21.00

                                    Japan v Samoa                                23.30

Oct 06                       All Blacks v Namibia                     17.45

                                    France v Tonga                               20.45

Oct 08                       South Africa v Canada                   23.15

Oct 09                       Argentina v USA                             17.45

                                    Scotland v Russia                            20.15

                                    Wales v Fiji                                      22.45

Oct 11                       Australia v Georgia                       23.15

Oct 12                       All Blacks v Italy                             17.45

                                    England v France                           21.15

                                    Ireland v Samoa                             23.45

Oct 13                       Namibia v Canada                          16.15

                                    USA v Tonga                                    18.45

                                    Wales v Uruguay                           21.15

                                    Japan v Scotland                            23.45

Quarter Finals

Oct 19           Winner Pool C v Runner Up Pool D                  20.15

                        Winner Pool B v Runner Up Pool A                  23.15

Oct 20           Winner Pool D v Runner Up Pool C                  20.15

                        Winner Pool A v Runner Up Pool B                  23.15

Semi Finals

Oct 26                       Winner QF 1 v Winner QF 2                   21.00

Oct 27                       Winner QF 3 v Winner QF 4                   22.00


01 Nov                                   3rd Place Playoff                             22.00

02 Nov                                   Final                                                   22.00