13th: John Healy from 9pm

14th: Hair of the Dog from 9pm

15th: Hair of the Dog from 9pm

16th: Charlie Gibson from 9pm

17th: Sunday Trad Session from 4pm

18th: Dave Arnold from 9pm

19th: Dan Browne from 9pm

20th: John Healy from 9pm

21st: Danny Atkinson from 9pm

22nd: Turtle Funk from 9pm

23rd: Celtic Connection from 9pm

24th: Sunday Trad Session from 4pm

25th: Evan North from 9pm

26th: Dan Browne from 9pm

27th: John Healy from 9pm

28th: Hair of the Dog from 9pm


If you have any sporting events you'd like to see then just pop in and ask or give us a call on 03 442 5382. We will always either show it live or record it for you to watch at a time that suits you! 

Six Nations - Unfortunately these fall outside our licensed hours, however we will be showing replays of all games on our big screen from 11am the following mornings!

Super Rugby - From Friday 15th of February all Highlander's games will be shown live and loud on our big screen with the chance to win a $150 food and beverage Voucher at every game! 

English Premier League - All major games shown Live and Loud if they fall within our licensed hours and can be recorded and replayed on demand!